Walked in the Water

This is a song about coming through doubt and believing that there is a better and simpler world if we focused on what really matters. Hope in the future, honesty, decency and a belief that we can make a better world.


Congreve's Ship

“Those that go down to the sea in ships and do their business in great waters.” - Psalm 107


Jacobean literature paints a wonderful image. This is a song for those we don’t see. A song for the thousands gone before us. Set against the voyage of the ship that never stops and never reaches land. It is a song of redemption and forgiveness. The song has a dynamic and positive delivery with guitar and voice.


The Rain Will Come

Today we are beset with fears that have not surfaced for two generations. We have lost belief in our power as people to shape events. A system of politics that doesn’t represent what we want, the inequalities of wealth that drive through society and a system that rewards wealth and punishes the working mass are all around us as signposts to a failing society. The song says that if we hold fast, though, “the rain will come” and we will find a better world. The song is reflective but powerful for acoustic guitar in a low tuning and a bass voice.


Life Moves at an Empty Pace

Focusing on partners, this is a song about the damage caused by emotional break up.  In 2022 in the UK, half of one parent families were living in relative poverty. It shows the emotional damage we all suffer from lost relationships. There is no cure. The song has a driving rhythm with strong vocals and a drum backing track.


Peter Kelly

After 40 years of working, the narrator sings, “I’m not sure what I’ve made”, “I didn’t build the houses and I didn’t save a life.” This song asks how we make a difference. “But I came in every day and every day I tried”. As people we want a better world and the way is to keep trying. Keep pushing for a decent caring world. This song is vocals, guitar and drums with some light lead riffing.


Blue Letter

This was the second song I wrote and it’s a long time ago now. My father and I were never close. When he died I found a letter on blue paper in a wallet of his written by an old friend. It painted a picture of a deeply caring and funny man. Certainly not the man I felt I knew. It’s common to think we see people we have lost as faces in a crowd. I saw my father like this for years, but not now. The link has gone. Blue letter is about the loss of someone close. It’s a song for guitar and voice.


Down in the Deep

A compelling song for guitar and voice with the rhythm of the tides on a shore and a crowd noise ending. It is about a drowned pirate heading home with a present for his daughter. It really represents a lost world that we can’t return to. Things we can never get back.


Over the Jordan

A simple acoustic song starting with some quoted lines. The question is “what is over the Jordan?” It’s a simple acoustic song with a question and a strong delivery.


Lost in London

An acoustic number about people we’ve lost or who are lost themselves. The track starts with footsteps and ends with the knowledge that we hope we will find each other somewhere in the end. It was originally inspired by a personal family loss but equally relates to everyone lost or friends missing loved ones. We donate to the Centrepoint Charity in London that gives respite to homeless teenagers and would ask that you think of them.


The Red Barn

This is a retelling of the old folk story of “The Old Red Barn” with a feminist twist and a modern setting.


Johnny's in a Virtual World

In 2008, following a period of cheap money and lax governance, the asset bubble created in the US housing market burst. The consequences were global and led to the loss of trillions of dollars by banks overexposed by sub prime lending. The resulting recession destroyed businesses and lives. We, the people, are still paying for the nationalisation of the losses. This is a song about the banking system and why it fails.